Tuesday, 5 February 2019

adapt to the ketogenic diet

In the ketogenic diet you can freely consume milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, meats (red and white), eggs, sausages and cold meats. You should avoid foods that contain flour, chocolates, any type of candy or jam, potatoes, nuts, alcoholic beverages, grains, pasta, among others.

You can also consume fruits and vegetables, but these should constitute a very small percentage of the total of your meals. If you find it difficult to imagine dishes that adapt to the ketogenic diet, you can search the bookstores or on the Internet, complete plans with recipes for each day https://foodsocietyx.com. It is important that you expand the information, since in most cases this diet changes every ten days, incorporating some foods and eliminating others.

measurements when you start

You should start by knowing how much you weigh and / or your measurements when you start a diet. This seems very obvious, but many people feel that they weigh so much that they do not even want to know it https://fitcrasher.com, but if you want to get somewhere you should know where you are now.

Start by weighing yourself, if you do not have a scale in your house, you can go to a self-service center, today there are many public scales that for a few coins tell us even our cardiac pressure.